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Back on Track

Ontario’s Remedial Measures Program for Impaired Drivers

As cited by MADD Canada, crashes involving alcohol and/or drugs are a leading criminal cause of death in Canada.

In 1998, Back on Track, Ontario’s Remedial Measures Program for impaired driving offences was introduced for offences that take place on or after September 30, 1998. The program was designed as an educational program for people who have committed an impaired driving offence in Ontario to help people learn to separate drinking and other drug use from driving.

The Highway Traffic Act requires anyone convicted of a Criminal Code impaired driving offence or who has committed two or more provincial impaired driving offences in the past 10 years to successfully complete the Back on Track program to be eligible to apply for licence reinstatement.


To register for the program individuals must contact Back on Track at the Centre for Addictions and Mental Health (CAMH). They will be required to complete a registration package and pay a fee to cover the costs of the program for convicted impaired drivers or administrative suspensions.

Contact information

Website: www.remedial.net
Email: info@remedial.net
Phone: 416-595-6593
Toll-free: 1-888-814-5831

Once registered for the program, individuals are provided a list of local services providers who they may contact to make necessary arrangements to complete the various mandatory program components.

CMHA HPE – Local Service Provider

CMHA HPE is the local service provider for the Back on Track Remedial Measures Program. We have an agreement with the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health to deliver this program.

Services Delivered Include

Assessment: standardized across the province – tools utilized include the ADS, DAST & RIASI

8-Hour Education Workshop: maximum of 25 participants

16-Hour Treatment Workshop: maximum 15 participants

Follow-up Interviews – Mandatory for some individuals and scheduled a minimum of 6 months following participation in the education or treatment workshop.

Quality Assurance

The organization is required to participate in scheduled audits and evaluations conducted by Back on Track at CAMH and/or the Ministry of Transportation in Ontario.

In addition, feedback is anonymously obtained from all participants in the education and treatment workshop for Back on Track at CAMH and utilized to evaluate local service providers and for program evaluation and development.

We have been the local service provider in this area for the Back on Program since it was introduced in Ontario.  We are proud to say we have consistently fulfilled our contractual obligations and more importantly feedback from participants has been positive and satisfaction ratings correspond or exceed Provincial averages.

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