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The Back to Home program officially opened on July 24, 2023.

CMHA is working to help address the broader health system demand we are facing locally while providing safe, affordable housing to individuals needing support to thrive and contribute to our community.

The Back to Home program is opening soon at 228 Dundas Street East, Belleville. The program will provide therapeutic, rehabilitative, supportive housing for individuals who are: in alternate level of care (ALC) or long-term care (LTC)  beds and do not require the level of services provided or; they require the wrap around services provided by this program to reduce reliance on Emergency Departments, ALC and LTC.

Supports available through the Back to Home Program

Our 24/7 staffing model will meet the needs of clients by employing residential staff, case management, addictions counselling, nursing, a manager, a supervisor, personal support workers and overnight security.

Residential Staff
On-site residential staff will support residents to live independently and provide 24/7 supervision, housing stability, structure, routine, life skills training. This includes unit upkeep, recreational, and group activities. Residential counsellors will have experience with mental health, substance use, residential settings, and/or service provision to individuals who are dually diagnosed to be able to support a wide range of needs.

Case Manager
The case managers will facilitate transitions in and out of the Back to Home Program, provide assessment, treatment planning, service coordination and navigation, client connections to health and social services, peer support, transportation and accompaniment to appointments as required, family and social connections, support with employment and education opportunities.

Addictions Counsellor
The addictions counsellor will provide assessment and treatment planning pertaining to substance use to support individuals in their substance use goals, whether it is abstinence or harm reduction. They will provide one on one and group sessions to assist in the development of skills to manage substance use and other related problems.

Nursing supports will be on-site 24/7 to support the clients in the program. The role will include administration and management of medication and other clinical services, personal support worker oversight, and development of nursing care plans for clients.

Personal Support Worker
PSW support will be available 12 hours per day to the clients in the program. Tasks include personal care and hygiene, general housekeeping, meal preparation, and assistance to support independent living, dignity, and choice of lifestyle.

Eight hours per day (overnights typically) to provide hall and grounds sweeps, reports of unusual/illegal activity, and assist with orderly operation of the program and its environment.

A registered nurse manager will provide program oversight, oversight of nursing staff and other clinical staff, client flow.

A supervisor will provide on-site day to day supervision of clinical staffing and environment.


Is there going to be security staff?

Yes, there will be a security guard on site 12am-8am daily, monitoring interior and exterior activity. 

Is this like a long term care home?

This program is not the same as Long Term Care, it is for individuals who have addictions and/or mental health issues and is for all ages 24 and older who require these wrap around services.   It is not for individuals who have significant cognitive impairment

If food isn’t included, what is the plan for residents’ meals?

We will provide support for budgeting, assistance to grocery shop, assistance with meal planning and  meal prep activities.  The Nursing Staff and PSWs will provide programs and educational tools related to nutrition and healthy eating.

Can people come and go?

Yes, this is non-custodial and is not a “secure” facility.  It does have controlled access to limit non-residents in the building. 

As a neighbour, what if I have concerns or see something that alarms or worries me?  What can I do?

Contact the agency to share your concerns and we will make every attempt possible to address them.

How are you going to keep people who don’t live there out of the building, off of your floors?

We will have controlled access, visitation guidelines, on-site staffing 24/7, and night time security as well as manger and supervisor offices at the main entrance. 

What kind of harm reduction and/or abstinence support will this program offer?

Illicit drugs are prohibited, on-site addictions counselling will be available as well as reasonable access to all other programs offered by CMHA HPE.

What if someone stops taking their medication?

Medications are not mandatory.  Residents are expected to have their prescribed medications administered by the Nursing Staff of the Back to Home Program.  We will be aware of residents who elect not to take their medications and will provide counselling, education and primary care follow up support to address resident concerns about their medications as well as symptom monitoring. 

Is this like a shelter or for homeless people?

No, this is not a shelter and is not intended for short term stays.  It is to provide rehabilitation and therapeutic services to increase independence and housing stability.

Community Partner Referrals

Referrals can be submitted here.

General inquiries can be sent to backtohome@cmhahpe.ca.

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