If you are in crisis, please call the Crisis Intervention Centre at 613-969-7400 ext. 2753, 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

For addictions and mental health support, call Central Intake at 310-OPEN (6736) or make a self or GP, NP, HSP online referral.

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Residential Addictions Treatment Program

The Residential Treatment Program operates on a 12-day closed cycle offered to both men and women. The program is a highly structured and intensive intervention for individuals with severe and/or chronic addiction problems aged 21 and older.

The program is based on a ‘harm reduction’ model, and participants with abstinence goals are most likely to benefit from the therapeutic environment. Program content and philosophy are based on cognitive behavioural theories (thinking/acting).

CMHA HPE’s Residential Treatment Program includes educational content, discussion groups and other structured activities that are scheduled every day and evening. While in the program, participants can expect to attend three blocks of group sessions a day and be engaged in programming from 8:45am to 7:15pm. The group sessions are designed to increase understanding of alcohol/drug abuse, provide an opportunity to discuss ideas with others, develop strategies to avoid and counter high-risk situations, and learn how to substitute alcohol/drug-using activities with alternatives. While in the program, participants are provided with weekly individual sessions that focus on treatment goals, progress in the program and After Care plans.

After completing the 12-day program, participants are followed for an additional 6-week period for the After Care component. After Care offers the additional support when returning to their home environment through check ins via phone calls and additional worksheets.

Day-Use Addictions Treatment Program

The Day-Use Treatment Program is offered to all residents of Hastings and Prince Edward as well as bordering counties. The Day-Use Program offers all the same group content and programming as the Residential Program, but participants arrive at 8:15am and leave at 8:15pm. Participants have the option to stay up to 11pm to engage in evening socializing with other participants and staff.

The Day-Use Program offers the benefit of being able to return home each night which can provide the opportunity to practice newly acquired skills and work through any challenges that may arise. After leaving the program for the day, participants have the same access to staff as the Residential Program, however this support would be offered over the phone.

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How to Make a Referral

Referrals are only accepted from addictions referral agents for clients who are currently connected with services, and have conducted a standardized assessment (which deems residential treatment necessary) to be included in the referral package (Pdf).

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